Treatment Specializations


Anxiety can present in many situations whether it be performance anxiety surrounding a sporting event or exam, a specific phobia such as public speaking, or a generalized sense of unease throughout the day.  Many people mistakenly believe that this anxiety is something they will just have to learn to live with.  There are many effective treatments for anxiety disorders that result in a new found freedom in life.  I utilize up to date treatments to help clients get the results they are looking for.  These treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, and EMDR.


Depression leads the individual to feel trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and beliefs about self.  Individuals may experience judgment from themselves or others about why they can't just snap out of it. The experience of depression manifests in different ways including irritability, lack of motivation, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and feelings of guilt and sadness. Depression is a treatable disorder that responds well to therapeutic interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  EMDR can be helpful when previous treatments have been unsuccessful in addressing some of the negative beliefs that contribute to depression.


Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, and Other Specififed Feeding and Eating Disorders can be difficult to treat and require the support of a specialist.  This is especially important considering eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. Individuals with eating disorders often have a great deal of ambivalence about recovery. I work with you to process the ambivalence and take gradual steps towards recovery utilizing evidence based treatments including CBT-E, DBT, ACT, and FBT.

​Eating Disorders are best treated with a multidisciplinary team and I collaborate with dietitians, psychiatrists and medical doctors to ensure clients are receiving the best care possible.  

I also work with clients who have an unhealthy relationship with food such as chronic dieting to help restore a sense of freedom when it comes to food and body image.


Trauma is any situation that totally overwhelms an individual's ability to cope resulting in a state of total powerlessness.  I work with all types of trauma from attachment and developmental trauma to the more typical view of trauma encompassing sexual abuse and combat.

 Trauma prevents the brain from processing information in a typical manner leaving the traumatic events without a time stamp of sorts.  This results in the brain interpreting events that may have happened decades ago as still happening today.  This can be evidenced in:

  • hyper-vigiliance

  • night terrors

  • flashbacks

  • extreme emotional responses

  • inability to form healthy attachments with others

  • sense of disconnecting from life.

I specialize in the use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR.)  EMDR is a highly effective and thoroughly researched trauma treatment.  Many individuals who believed that they would never recover from their trauma are now living a life unencumbered by their traumatic memories.  


There are different types of addiction including substance use disorders as well as process addictions such as gambling and sex.  I work with individuals to achieve lasting behavioral change when it comes to their disorder. I believe the actual substance or behavior being used is a symptom of something greater that needs to be addressed.  So while the first steps are untangling oneself from the substance or behavior, lasting recovery requires further changes beyond simply not using.  I work with all individuals struggling and have training in the treatment of healthcare professionals as well as helping chronically relapsing clients. 


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